Chapter Standing Rules
The current National and Chapter Constitution and By-Laws govern the operations of the San
Antonio Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen, Inc., hereafter identified as SAC-TAI.  In conjunction with
these governing directives, the following Standing Rules provide clear and concise guidance on
administrative and general procedures and behaviors.

STANDING RULE ONE:  All chapter correspondence shall uniformly display relationship to the
National organization.  Chapter stationery, business cards and other printed matter shall have
the Chapter name first, followed by Tuskegee Airmen, Inc ®.  (Example: San Antonio Chapter
(of) Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. ®. )

*STANDING RULE TWO:  All new members shall complete a TAI Form 2, Tuskegee Airmen, Inc.
(TAI) Membership Data/Application and present the form, along with their annual dues, to the
appropriate Chapter official.  Renewing members will complete the TAI Form 2 only if changes to
your personal data has changed.  The Chapter shall retain a copy of the TAI Form 2 for its
records, and the original copy of the TAI Form 2 shall be sent to National Headquarters, with the
appropriate per-capital fee.

STANDING RULE THREE:  All members in good standing shall be authorized to submit
nominations for honorary membership.  Honorary membership nominations must obtain two-
thirds affirmative vote of ballots cast by Chapter members in good standing by U.S. mail,
electronically, or at a duly called Chapter meeting prior to submission to the National body for

STANDING RULE FOUR:  Members shall help safeguard the National and Chapter intellectual
property rights.  The National name (Tuskegee Airmen) and logo (3 aircraft, star and cloud) are
registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, therefore the symbol ® should
always be placed after these items to clearly indicate ownership.  Members shall not authorize
an outside agency (third party) to use these or the Chapter symbols in commerce without written
permission from National Headquarters or the SAC-TAI Executive Committee, respectively.  

STANDING RULE FIVE:  Members shall refrain from conducting SAC-TAI business or entering
into any contract without prior approval of the SAC-TAI Executive Committee.

STANDING RULE SIX:  Members shall help maintain the distinction between the NATIONAL
scholarship fund and the local CHAPTER educational assistance grant program.  All chapter
correspondence, activities, and/or fund-raising events should only use the word “scholarship” in
the title when the proceeds are intended to be sent to the Tuskegee Airmen National
Scholarship Fund (P.O. Box 78967, Los Angeles, California 90016).

STANDING RULE SEVEN:  The Chapter shall elect a representative to the National Board of
Directors.  This member shall express the Chapter consensus in regards to views and opinions
and the governing of the National organization.  The National President may call a Board
meeting at the National Convention and again the second weekend in December.  The Chapter
should insure funds are available to reimburse travel cost for the elected representative to
attend Board meetings.

STANDING RULE EIGHT:  The Chapter shall inform the National Headquarters of all elected and
appointed officials by sending a TAI Form 5, Chapter Officials, to the National Headquarters
immediately after a chapter election.  The month of the chapter election shall be annotated in
the upper right hand corner of the form.

STANDING RULE NINE:  The Chapter shall appoint a member to notify the National
Headquarters of the serious illness or death of a Chapter member.  Upon the death of a Chapter
member, a TAI Form 7, Lonely Eagle Report, as well as any additional information (obituary,
funeral program or newspaper clipping) shall be sent to the National Headquarters.

STANDING RULE TEN:  The Chapter shall notify the National Headquarters when planning to or
participating in the United Way or Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).  The Chapter MAY solicit
funds for a specific charitable purpose, but must ensure that the wording of any solicitation
appearing in the campaign booklet or elsewhere clearly and unmistakably identified that
Tuskegee Airmen, Inc ® is NOT a charity.  

STANDING RULE ELEVEN:  ALL funds solicited for a specific charity or fund WILL go to the
stated charity or fund.  Within 30 days of donation receipt, the Chapter will send a letter of
appreciation to the donor.  The letter will state the amount received, date received and the
disposition (or planned disposition) of the funds received.

STANDING RULE TWELVE:  A member shall not represent connecting or competing interest nor
will a member place themselves in a position where their interest(s) are, or may appear to be, in
conflict with their responsibilities to the National organization or SAC-TAI, respectively.

STANDING RULE THIRTEEN:  A member shall not participate in any way in the election process
when they are a candidate for any office in that election.

STANDING RULE FOURTEEN:  The outgoing Chapter President shall transfer ALL Chapter
assets to the incoming President, including funds, ledgers, reports and the Chapter Charter.  
The incoming President shall report receipt and any irregularities to the National Headquarters.

STANDING RULE FIFTEEN:  The Chapter Treasurer shall send ALL donations designated for
the National Scholarship Fund, National Historical Museum Fund or Tuskegee Airmen
Foundation directly to the President/Chair of that entity within 30 days of receipt.  Other income
or revenue will be distributed as follows (unless redirected by the Executive Committee or motion
approved by majority of members in good standing):

(1)        Convention Profits (when hosting).  50% to the TAI Operating Fund, 25% to the CPOSS
Operating Fund, 10% to the National Scholarship Fund, 10% to the National Historical Museum,
and 5% to the Chapter (SAC-TAI) Operating Fund.
(2)        *Membership Dues.  100% to the Chapter Operating Fund (excluding National Per
(3)        Chapter Fund-Raising Event Profits.  60% to the Chapter (SAC-TAI) Educational
Assistance Fund, 20% to the Chapter Revenues Fund, 10% to the Chapter Operating Fund,
and 10% to TAI Operating Fund.
(4)        **Merchandise Sales Profits.  30% to the Chapter (SAC-TAI) Educational Assistance
Fund, 50% to the Chapter Revenues Fund, and 20% to Chapter Operating Fund.
(5)        Speaker Bureau/Presentation Gratuities.  70% to the Chapter (SAC-TAI) Educational
Assistance Fund, 20% to the Chapter Revenues Fund, and 10% to TAI Operating Fund.
(6)        General Donations.  50% to the Chapter (SAC-TAI) Educational Assistance Fund, and
50% to the Chapter Operating Fund.

*STANDING RULE SIXTEEN:  The Chapter, through the Treasurer, shall ensure ALL income or
revenue distributed to the Chapter (SAC-TAI) Operating Fund, Revenues Fund, or Educational
Assistance Fund (checking accounts) are only utilized or allocated to fund chapter activities as
follows (unless redirected by the Executive Committee or motion approved by majority of
members in good standing):

(1)        *Operating Fund.  Operations of the Executive, Membership, and Nominations
Committees; and general Chapter correspondence and advertisement expenses.
(2)        Revenues Fund.  Operations of the Financial Projects and Public Relations Committees;
the Speakers Bureau, and purchases of Chapter sales merchandise.
(3)        *Educational Assistance Fund.  Operations of the Educational Assistance Award
Committee, to include initial funding of the Awards Banquet, and operations of the Youth (in
Aviation) Programs.

STANDING RULE SEVENTEEN:  All Chapter project/event Chairpersons shall provide the SAC-
TAI Committee with a preliminary project/event budget for inclusion in the appropriate
Operations/Procedural Annex or Guide and forecasting of the Chapter’s overall annual
expenditures.  Chairpersons shall provide preliminary budgets within 60 days of the start of the
Chapter’s Fiscal Year (FY), 1 August - 31 July, upon revision, or request of the Executive

STANDING RULE EIGHTEEN:  All Chapter project/event Chairpersons shall utilize and follow the
Operations/Procedural Annex or Guide approved by the SAC-TAI Executive Committee for the
appropriate project or event.  Chairpersons or appointees shall not exceed listed project/event
budget limits or enter into any agreements or contracts that would exceed project/event budget
limits without prior approval of the SAC-TAI Executive Committee.

STANDING RULE NINETEEN:  All Chapter project/event Chairpersons, as applicable, shall
submit a preliminary financial report with all respective funds within 7 days of the event
completion.  Chairpersons shall complete and provide a final profit/loss report (including all
invoices and receipts) to the Chapter Treasurer in writing, and as a minimum, verbally to the
general membership, within 30 days for the event completion.

STANDING RULE TWENTY:  Any Chapter member in good standing may submit a Standing Rule
for adoption by the Chapter.  Standing Rules are clear, concise and enforceable statements that
describe acceptable and unacceptable practices and/or procedures to be observed by Chapter
members and SAC-TAI, as a whole.  A Standing Rule is adopted in the same manner as the
Chapter Constitution and By-Laws are amended. The three categories of rules are “will/will not”;
“shall/shall not”; and “may/may not”.

(1)        “Members of SAC-TAI will...”  Behavior that violates the will/will not rule is intolerable and
will result in membership termination.  Example: a rule forbidding the misuse of funds
(misappropriation or embezzlement).
(2)        “Members of SAC-TAI shall...”  Behavior that violates the shall/shall not rule is subject to
warning or reprimand.  Repeated violation will result in membership termination.  Example: a rule
requiring strict adherence to Robert’s Rules of Order.
(3)        “Members of SAC-TAI may...”  Behavior that violates the may/may not rule has no
adverse impact on good order and discipline and does not tarnish the image of the Chapter.  
Example: a rule requiring members to arrive on time to Chapter meetings.

Adopted November 3, 2004/Revised Dec 2005* and Jan 2007