Lonely Eagle 2009
Mr. Littleton Mitchell
Littleton P. Mitchell, of Milford, Delaware, witnessed the building of
the airfield at Tuskegee in 1941, after two years of college, “from
nothing but red mud”.  Instrument flying instructor duties sent Mr.
Mitchell to the Link Trainer facilities and schools in New York, and
Chanute Field as well as the Base Instrument Command Flying
School in Texas, then back to Tuskegee until his February 1946 dis-

Motivated by his fellow Airmen, Mr. Mitchell returned to school,
earning a degree from Winchester State University, and starting an
extensive career in psychiatric treatment of children and civil rights

Mr. Mitchell has been lauded for “dedication to his causes... [and] a
lifelong mission to serve the people...” and has received multiple
awards for his efforts in the areas of human and civil rights.  He led
the Delaware State Branches of the NAACP as President for over 30
years until 1991.  In 1993, the University of Delaware awarded him it’
s Medal of Merit for sustained community service.

Mr. Mitchell was awarded the Delaware Bar Association’s 2004
“Liberty Bell” Award for community service and was Presidential
Selectee as the Delaware Representative on the Brown vs. Board of
Education 50th Anniversary Commission.  

Mr. Mitchell and his family resided in Delaware City, Delaware.