The success of chapter operations is accomplished through the combined efforts of all members.  Specific
goals and objectives are accomplished through the establishment of permanent and special (ad hoc)
committees and the appointment of committee chairpersons by the Chapter President as authorized by the
San Antonio Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen, Inc., (SAC-TAI) Constitution/By-Laws.  All members of SAC-TAI are
encouraged and challenged to lend their talents, skills, and resources to any of the Chapter’s committees.

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Makes recommendations for SAC-TAI involvement, participation and/or support of
community and other organization financial projects or initiatives.  Advises and assists
committees on fund-raising efforts to help reduce/defray project overhead.  Screens
all requests to ensure compatibility with TAI programs and credibility.  Recommends
chapter activities and/or involvement in annual revenue-based programs.  Submits
items and events to the SAC-TAI Calendar of Events. Serves as primary point(s) of
contact and advisor(s) for all sales.  Recommends, requisitions, manages and
maintains chapter paraphernalia, historical, collector and other items to be sold for
profit.  Researches potential sales items to ensure products are of appropriate quality.

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MEMBERSHIP (Basic Operating Plan - ANNEX C)
Coordinates efforts to increase SAC-TAI membership with quality individuals
committed to excellence.  Provides welcome packets to new members and keeps
records of all financial membership.  Ensures new members are offered an
opportunity to get involved in program areas of individual interest at the time of
membership.  Establishes criteria for membership reinforcement by maintaining
contact with absent members and to determine how the organization can recommit
these individuals through encouragement and meeting needs.  Coordinates the
chapter’s annual Membership Drive activities.  Serves as official Welcome Committee
for new members and their families..

HISTORY/HISTORIAN (Basic Operating Plan - ANNEX D)
Collects, catalogs and maintains Chapter History Files, i.e., publications, news articles,
videos, photo albums, visitors’ book, etc.  Records all Chapter programs, activities
and events via video, audio, photography or other media.  Maintains communication
with National Historian to ensure proper documentation of those who shared in the
Tuskegee Experience of WWII and the chronicle of events during that period.  
Articulates newsworthy information to membership.  Serves as Chapter advisor to
ensure everyone has access to accurate portrayals of TAI history at the local and
national level.

Makes recommendations for SAC-TAI involvement and/or support of commemorative,
educational, or awareness projects, activities or events.  Will facilitate
communications and problem solving ideas internally as necessary and externally with
various groups, i.e., visual, printed and electronic media, provide news releases and
ensure media coverage of TAI events.  Manages and screens all requests for Chapter
representative and Speakers Bureau participation and presentation.  Makes contact
with schools and youth organizations to provide information on SAC-TAI and
encourages participation in TAI projects.  Assists in script preparation, official
notifications, etc.  Ensures National Public Relations Officer and the Regional
President are notified of all SAC-TAI events and receive copy of SAC-TAI newsletter
(s).  Creates/coordinates and maintains the SAC-TAI Calendar of Events, to include
National events as well.  

EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE AWARDS (Scholarships) (Basic Operating Plan - ANNEX F)
Coordinates all aspects of chapter participation in the TAI National Scholarship
Program and the SAC-TAI Educational Assistance Awards Program, to include an
annual awards presentation banquet or ceremony, as applicable. Recommends
number and amount(s) of annual assistance awards to the SAC-TAI Executive
Committee and the general membership.  Responsible for the integrity of the awards
paneling and selection process. Assists the National Scholarship Committee, if
requested.  Serves as primary advisor for all youth educational, assistance award and
scholarship activities. Establishes and maintains open communications with potential,
current and past award recipients; and the National TAI Scholarship Committee.

YOUTH PROJECTS (Basic Operating Plan - ANNEX G)
Makes contact with schools and youth organizations and provide information on TAI
programs.  Encourages participation in TAI projects and ensure San Antonio area
youth are encouraged toward aerospace careers.  Develops and manages this
significant program on a local level and works with young people with an interest in
aviation.  Secures local or national corporate and organizational sponsors.  Maintains
contact with NASA, FAA, airline pilot organizations and the Commemorative Air Force
as partners in related endeavors.  Solicits regional colleges and universities for
possible award of scholarships or other opportunities to students enrolled in chapter
programs.  Coordinates activities to provide the experience of a lifetime for these
“young eagles” by visiting NASA, learning how airports are operated, build airplane
models, activities to stimulate interest in the sciences, mathematics and engineering,
participation in the Aviation Careers Education (ACE) Academy, Challenger Adventure
activities, Air Academy opportunities, work experience, and many other exciting

MILITARY AFFAIRS (Basic Operating Plan - ANNEX H)
Maintains close liaison with the 99th and 100th Flying Training Squadrons.  Establishes
and maintains contact with local and national military leadership.  Serves as primary
point of contact for all events when senior military and/or civilian personnel are
invited or in attendance.  Keeps abreast of all issues and changes within the
Department of Defense as they relate to or affect TAI nationally or locally.  Provides
guidance to all other SAC-TAI committees and serves as focal point for all military
protocol matters.  Ensures that various forms of military and civilian ceremonies and
etiquette are strictly followed for consistency and standardization.  Follows protocol
variations as it pertains to diplomatic, heads of state, military and civilian personnel.

EXECUTIVE BUDGET REVIEW (Basic Operating Plan - Annex I)
Conducts annual audit of Chapter financial records and out-of-cycle audits as
mandated by vote of the membership. Reviews all reports that contain any financial
data. Calls attention to any issues by question or concern that impact the integrity and
organizational confluence. Works in conjunction with National Treasurer.

Nominations/Awards- (Basic Operating Plan - Annex J)
Notifies the Executive Committee and general membership of required timelines and
procedures, in accordance with Chapter By-Laws, for appropriate selection of elected
Chapter officers.  Responsible for identifying eligible members and acting on
nominations for the elected positions of officers within the Chapter’s Executive
Committee.  Makes personal contact with potential candidates. Prepares a slate of
officer candidates as a result of the committee's interview of those members who
have expressed an interest in holding office and prepares a ballot upon approval.  
Ensures the (financially) current membership is afforded opportunity to review and
select (vote) on the slate of candidates. Ensures validity of any additional nomination
(s) of candidates for any office made from the membership and added to any ballot.  
Supervises the election process, utilizing secret ballots, by distributing, collecting,
and counting the votes.   Ensures all officers and officials are elected by a majority of
the members participating in the election. Conducts a run-off in the event of a tie  in
election votes.  Coordinates officer installation  ceremonies with appropriate  Chapter

Maintains listing of authorized Chapter, Regional, and National internal and military
awards.  Establishes internal suspenses, timelines, and evaluation procedures to
ensure competitive and timely submission of award nomination packages to higher
level boards. Makes recommendations to the Executive Committee and general
membership on appropriate candidates.  Assists in the recipient selection process, as
requested.  Ensure appropriate presentation is provided to award recipients.  
Coordinates publicity of awards and recipients with appropriate Chapter committees.

BY-LAWS:  (Basic Operating Plan - Annex K)
Continually review the Chapter Constitution and By-laws and submit recommendations
for amendment, replacement or adoption of changes as deemed necessary for good
order to the Executive Committee for presentation to the general membership.  
Prepare, upon consensus of submitted recommendations, a ballot to all (financially)
current Chapter members for formal consideration.  Ensure notice, publication and
distribution to all Chapter members no later than thirty (30) days following approval of
By-Laws amendment, replacement or changes.  Maintain a master copy of the Chapter
Constitution and By-Laws and monitor the printing and distribution, as directed by the
Executive Committee.  Participate in review, amendment, replacement or adoption of
changes to the National By-Laws, at the request of the National, Regional or Chapter
Executive Committee/Board of Directors.  

Serves as advisor to the Executive Committee and the Chapter on all issues that are
religious  in nature. Ensures Chapter notification of, invitation to and participation in
local and National religious events and activities, i.e., National Prayer Breakfast, etc .
Plans at least a quarterly visit to members' churches or houses of worship.  
Recommends religious leaders and organizations for participation in Chapter
programs and activities as appropriate.

Determines what is best for the organization by providing vision and recommending
goals.  Develops organizational destination strategies for ‘where we are’, ‘where we
want to be’ and ‘how we plan to get there'.  Also looks at potential obstacles and the
approaches the organization intends to use in dealing with these obstacles.  Reviews
and makes recommendations for all current and potential projects, programs and