Recent Events
Sat., 4-Jan, 2014, at the Alamodome;
DOTAs: Johnson & Ellis participated in the
Vet Recognition Ceremony.
Upcoming Events
Convention Center,
Sat., 29-Mar,
POC: Ed Jones;
Grady Robinson poses
with Prez Sinkfield in
the Family Fun Zone.  
SACTAI partnered
with Moussa Temple
members to volunteer
MODELFIESTA 32 Sat. 15-Feb 2014, 0900-1500, San Antonio Event
Center, 8111 Meadow Leaf Drive, SATX  DOTAs: Dr. Coggs greets modelers
(center) & Dr. Derricotte sat for Vet interviews (left) and  Mr. Ellis & Mr.
Bynum sat for a panel discussion (right); Members: A/BAlexander, GWilliams,
AFJROTC TAI HISTORY PROGRAM Churchill High School Tue. 18-Feb 2014, at AFJROTC Bldg , Speaker:
Rick & Dr.Sinkfield;  POC: GRobinson
BLACK HISTORY PROGRAM Harmony School Center  Wed., 26-Feb 2014, Speakers: RSinkfield, CSinkfield
BLACK HISTORY PROGRAM, Hutto High School Fri.,
28-Feb,1300-1447hrs, Speaker: Mr. Gray; DOTAs: Mr. Gray,
Members: C/BAlexander, C/RSinkfield, RWalker; Member,
Hutto, Texas 78634;  DOTA Gray gave an inspirational speech
encouraging students to be all they can be. (Photo by
Alexanders Imanges)
Program San Antonio, T XThur.,
20-Mar,0900-1100hrs  Speakers Rick and
Dr.Sinkfield  gave an historical presentation
and showed the documentary Double-V
or Major
General Alfred J.
, Commander
Air Force Personnel
Center, 1959-2014,
24-Mar 2014 at
Community Bible
Church, San Antonio,
TX attended by
Chapter members.
AFJROTC Awards O’Connor HS Wed., 2-Apr, 1900-2100hrs  DOTAs: Dr. Derricotte presented the awards,
Members: EJones, GRobinson, MMcGarity; Loc: 12221 Leslie Rd, Helotes, TX 78023 (Photos by Ed Jones)
DOTA Dr. Coggs (88 years young) Competes in
Senior Olympics
, Sun., 6-Apr-14, Blossom Athletic
Center, San Antonio, TX.  He placed 2nd in the 100
meter, 3rd in the 200 meter, and 3rd in the 400 meter
races.  Supporters presesnt were SACTI Members Bill
& Sybil Kent and Carol & Booker Alexander.  (photos by
Alexanders Images and Roddray Walker)
, SACTAI Prez Rick
Sinkfield, lays a Chapter wreath at
the foot of the MLK statue.19-Jan
2014, MLK Plaza San Antonio, TX
John Jay HS AFJROTC Awards Thur., 17-Apr, 1800-1800hrs; YOUTH PROGRAM Speaker: NO; DOTAs: Bynum*, Members:
CAlexander; Member Attire: Jacket; Member Showtime: 1800, Logistics: NO Briefing NO, Display; NO, POC: GRobinson/
MMcGarity; Venue Contact: __, Loc: 7611 Marbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78227
Holmes HS AFJROTC Awards Thur., 17-Apr,
1800-1900hrs  Members:  MMcGarity GRobinson
EJones; POC: GRobinson/ MMcGarity; Loc: 6500
Ingram Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238
Brandeis HS AFJROTC Awards Wed., 23-Apr, 1800-2100hrs        YOUTH PROGRAM Speaker: NO; DOTAs: Coggs*, Members:
RWalker; Member Attire: Jacket; Member Showtime: 1800, Logistics: NO Briefing NO, Display; NO, POC: GRobinson/MMcGarity;
Venue Contact: (210) 397-8200, Loc: 13011 Kyle Seale Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78249
Warren HS AFJROTC Awards Mon., 21-Apr, 1800-2000hrs        YOUTH PROGRAM Speaker: NO; DOTAs: Bynum, Members:
MMcGarity; Member Attire: Jacket; Member Showtime: 1800, Logistics: NO Briefing NO, Display; NO, POC: GRobinson/
MMcGarity; Venue Contact: … Loc: 9411 Military Dr. W, SAT 78251
Clemens HS AFJROTC Awards & Dining-Out Fri., 25-Apr, 1830-
2000hrs  YOUTH PROGRAM Members: RSinkfirld/RWalker; POC:
GRobinson/ MMcGarity; Contact: Glenn W. Snell, CMSgt, USAF Ret.;
Aerospace Science Instructor, Samuel Clemens High School  
(AFJROTC);; (210) 945-6561;  Loc: RAFB Parr
O’Club; Names of Cadets:  Airman First class Jarrett Haynes and
Sean Hilla
Judson HS AFJROTC Awards Fri., 2-May, 1800-
2100hrs        YOUTH PROGRAM DOTA: Dr. Coggs,
Members: GRobinson&RSinkfield;  POC: GRobinson/
MMcGarity; Contact: … 9142 FM 78, Converse, TX 78109
Cadet Winners: Brandon Bowlin & Natalie Boyle
SACTAI Youth Member Jasmine Thompson is recognized
as outgoing Cadet Commander.
Delta Sigma Theta EMBODI Men of Color Conference Sat., 3-May, 0800-0900hrs  YOUTH PROGRAM, Speaker: NO; DOTAs: not
req, Members: invited; Member Attire: Jacket; Member Showtime: 0730, Logistics: NO Briefing NO, Display; Tabletop, POC:
RSinkfield; Contact: CSinkfield, Loc: St Philips College 1801 Martin Luther King Dr, SAT 78203
Steele HS AFJROTC Awards Fri., 16-May, 1830-2100hrs  Members: GRobinson; 1300 FM 1103, Cibolo, TX 78108
Armed Forces River Parade; Sat., 17-May,
1800-2000        DOTAs: Dr. Coggs is Parade Marshall,
Members: GRobinson, SWilliams, B/CAlexander,
R/CSinkfield, RWalker, MMcLean;  POC: RSinkfield;
Clarke HS AFJROTC Awards Fri., 22-May,
1900-2100hrs, Members: GRobinsonRSinkfield ; 5150
De Zavala Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249
Juneteenth, Thu., 19-Jun, 1100-1300hrs , Bldg171 Lackland (Port SA).
Memorial Day, Commemorative AF,  
Mon., 26-May, 1000-1400, Midland,
TX   DOTAs: Coggs/Johnson,
Members: GRobinson/RSinkfield;
99th FTS/CC (Lt Col
Gavin Marks) Farewell
Dinner  Wed., 28-May
2014   Encanto Mexican
Grill, Schertz, TX
Regional Youth Seminar
27-29 Jun
-14, Stinson Field,
JBSA.  Military & Civilian aviation
facility tours, orientation flights.
22nd Annual Educational Assistance Awards
“Successes of the Past, Role Models of Today,
Visionaries of Tomorrow”
Saturday, June 7, 2014
The Kendrick (Enlisted) Club
Randolph Air Force Base
Guest Speaker: Chaplain Edward K. Maney
TA Briefing, 1330-1430hrs Tues., 22-Oct, Howsman Elementary    TA Briefing to 120 5th Graders, Howsman Elementary, 11431
Vance Jackson, Attire-Jacket, Site POC Cecelia Buechner.  DOTA Coggs was in attendance to greet students and the Chapter
provided handouts and the tabletop display.  R/C Sinkfield gave the children's briefing and showed the 15-minute version of the
History Channel's Double-V movis.  The children were excited to learn about the legacy and values of the Tuskegee Airmen.