Officers & Committee Chairs
Ralph “Rick” Sinkfield has been a member of the Chapter since 2000
and has held Chapter positions including webmaster, convention
volunteer coordinator, Parliamentarian, and Vice President.  On active
duty and as a reservist, he served as Base Architect, Programmer, or
Comprehensive Planner.  He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from
Howard University in Washington DC and a Master of Arts in
Management from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio.
Dr. Sarah Williams - Treasurer & Past President
Marie McGarity -  Youth Chair, Treasurer 2013-2017
Dr. Carolin L. Sinkfield - Corresponding Secretary
Carol Alexander - Vice President
Marv Abrams - Immediate Past-President
Rick Sinkfield * President
Ms Ethel Willard-Crews - Executive Secretary, Membership
Mr. Abrams is the current President of the TAI Central Region.  
Successively appointed to provide annual convention
oversight/management, He revamped of the National Membership
Directory; developed the TAI Procedures Manual, and revisied annual
chapter financial reporting. He received his chapter’s President’s
Award, U.S. Presidential Volunteer Service Award (Gold Level), the TAI
Regional Award (Central), and the TAI BGen Noel F. Parrish Award in
A Member since 2000, Dr. Sinkfield has been Chair, Education
Assistance (Scholarship) Awards Committee (Current); Chair,
Education Assistance Awards Banquet (Current); Corresponding
Secretary (Current); and Interim Executive Recording Secretary. She
holds a PhD (2006) - from the University of the Incarnate Word with a
concentration in organizational leadership, majoring in education, and
a specialization in Adult Education.
Ethel Willard-Crews is a Retired Air Force Technical Sergeant.  She
served twenty and a half years active duty.   She is the current
Executive Secretary of the San Antonio Chapter, Tuskegee Airmen, Inc.
She has been a member of the Chapter since December 2014.  She
holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Wayland Baptist
University San Antonio TX campus and is pursuing a Master's degree in
Human Resource Management from Wayland Baptist University San
Antonio TX campus.  
Dr. Williams PhD, RN, BC is a Life Member of Tuskegee Airmen, Inc., a
Past Chapter President, and Convention Program Director.  She is an
Assistant Professor and Director, RN-BSN Nursing Program at the
University of the Incarnate Word San Antonio, Texas.  She has over 35
years nursing experience with significant concentration in Nursing
Education and Staff Development.  She also has experience in medical
surgical, critical care, orthopedics/gynecology and mental health
nursing.  She retired from the United States Air Force in 2002 with 30
years of military service.
Mr. Ripley successfully served as Central Region President and
Immediate Past Vice-President of San Antonio Chapter. He served as
Vice-President for the Chapter for two consecutive terms. He also
served as chair, co-chair and active member of Chapter, Regional and
National Membership and Scholarship committees. “Rip” has been
instrumental in the successful development of a Central Region
Directory, providing easy access to contact information and enabling
greater communication and collaborations between Chapter Presidents
and Regional officers. He was instrumental in establishing additional
chapters in the Central Region. He boasts a military career of 23 years
and subsequent civilian positions
Maurice Ripley - Central Region 1st Vice President
Carol J. Alexander has been a San Antonio Chapter member since
2001.  She is currently the Chapter Vice-President, Chapter
Membership Chairperson (two years), and appointed Central Region
Representative on the National Membership Committee.  Additionally,
she has served as Corresponding and Executive Secretary.  A Veteran
of the US Air Force, she served as an Administrative Supervisor and
Inspector General (IG) Administrative Specialist.  She has completed
multiple Military Leadership, Management and Personnel Training
Courses, The Computer Business Management School, Ethics, and
Computer Systems Management.  She is a business owner and has
completed a University of Texas (UTSA) Graduate Course in Small
Membership                   Ethel Willard-Crews
Financial Projects          Horace Carter
Webmaster                    Rick Sinkfield
Speakers Bureau          Roddray Walker
Youth Programs            Marie McGarity
Education Assistance    Dr. Carolin Sinkfield
Community Liaison        Roddray Walker
Historian                        Booker Alexander
Committee Chairs